What’s Happening With L.A. Creative Technologies?

June has been quite a month for us here at L.A. Creative Technologies. We’ve got one client working on building six new offices, two others completely revamping the way their employees access files while they work and one more revamping an 8-year old network supporting a few teachers & students.

In short, we’ve been busy helping our clients make important decisions about their technology, ensuring their companies’ scalability and ensuring their employees have a more productive day at work – every day.

We also launched a new blog series “Digital Creative Spotlight” where we’ll be interviewing designers, musicians, event producers, architects and more about the ways technology enables their creation and their professions. Our first spotlight is with Val from Run & Hop, the same company currently helping us develop part of our own brand concept. Watch for this article soon.

I want to leave you with a list I’ve been working on: the 10 ways traditional IT might be hurting your business.

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