outsourced tech support, Current Trends in Outsourced Tech Support This 2020

Current Trends in Outsourced Tech Support This 2020

Outsourced tech support has been the norm for many companies for some years now. Businesses find it more efficient to entrust their tech assistance functions to third-parties that have suitable expertise, equipment, and technology.

In 2020, it is expected to become more widely adopted with more prominent features. For one, more companies are set to embrace automation and artificial intelligence. The role of cloud technology will become more pronounced. Additionally, there’s a growing preference for proactive outsourced support.

Automation and AI in Tech Support

outsourced tech support, Current Trends in Outsourced Tech Support This 2020Tech support services will see further growth in the deployment of automation and artificial intelligence-powered solutions. Chatbots will become more common as they serve as the first layer of support. They handle relatively easy problems, whose answers can be easily drawn from a knowledge bank.

A good percentage of support inquiries tend to have straightforward answers. Some people just don’t have the initiative to browse through the knowledge base readily supplied in most websites. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an automated interactive system to deal with them.

AI-infused chatbots have become significantly better. They don’t only rely on keywords in the questions they receive. They are also capable of simulating natural human conversations that some customers are even tricked into thinking that they are chatting with a real person.

According to a Business Insider research, the chatbot market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 29.7%. From its $2.6 billion value in 2019, it is likely to expand significantly and breach the $9 billion level. Businesses and even governments worldwide are becoming more aware of the advantages of automating some of the responses for tech support.

Cloud-Powered Tech Support

outsourced tech support, Current Trends in Outsourced Tech Support This 2020Cloud-based call center outsourcing and other solutions are on the rise. It’s not difficult to understand why. The cloud provides many advantages starting with the ability to access resources from anywhere and use tools that don’t require installation, maintenance, and updating.

Additionally, cloud infrastructure reduces downtimes significantly. Companies can address the needs or concerns of their customers through cloud-based support centers that are available round-the-clock. Adopting a cloud-powered support system means that it’s possible to hire remote staff who can handle the system regardless of geographical limitations. This is particularly a boon for businesses with global operations.

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Enhanced Tech Support Services

As the outsourced tech support grows, more players will be entering the picture. To stay competitive, providers will have to find a way to distinguish their services and foster strong relations with clients.

A good starting point is to ensure proactive support. This entails a thorough preparation for whatever challenges companies encounter. Some may also consider offering other solutions such as reputation management to provide customers a one-stop-shop in dealing with customer relationships.

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In Conclusion

The importance of tech support is undeniable, and it will only become even more essential as new technologies are developed. More tech means a corresponding increase in support needs. It also means the need for automation, AI assistance, cloud tech, and enhanced services to stand out.

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