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A multifaceted and strategic IT platform is fundamental to ensuring our work is executed properly. The support and innovative implementations we’ve received from LA Creative Technologies allow us to do just that.

Richard France

When ELP Advisors were looking for an efficient and optimized approach to managed IT services, LA Creative Technologies was the ideal local partner to provide the multi-faceted solutions they needed.

ELP Advisors is an urban planning consulting firm that helps clients build better communities. By crafting a strategic vision that is guided by principle and tempered by pragmatism, ELP Advisors works every day to help enrich California communities. The firm’s team holds expertise in housing, workforce and economic development, sustainability, transportation, and community engagement. Because ELP Advisors is so interdisciplinary, the company engages in a variety of diverse audiences and requires easy access to a range of different information. To operate efficiently and optimize their efforts to build thriving communities, ELP Advisors needed a simple, integrated internal network and data storage system.

The Situation: The Need for An Efficient and Strategic Approach to Optimizing Information Technology

Richard France, the Principal Associate with ELP Advisors said the firm was indeed looking for a way to simplify and optimize their approach to managing IT. “We had worked with other managed IT providers in the past, but none of them were based locally in Los Angeles,” France says. It became apparent to the ELP Advisors team that partnering with a local provider would help ensure that technology glitches do not interrupt productivity and drown the firm in downtime.

Furthermore, the ELP Advisors team we’re looking for a strategic leader that could help harness technology to support business goals. “Our firm simply doesn’t have in-house technical support. With staff split between our Los Angeles and San Diego offices, we needed assistance from a local team to set up an internal network, develop strategic approaches to managing data, and provide day-to-day support to resolve technical issues.”

The Solution: A Fully-Managed and Strategic Approach to Managed IT From Local Experts  

ELP Advisors knew that LA Creative Technologies had experience providing managed IT support to similar consulting firms based in Los Angeles. Given this background and LA Creative’s local presence, the team at ELP Advisors knew they would be the best fit to support the firm’s needs. After ELP Advisors officially partnered with them, LA Creative was on scene to implement the exact strategic and efficient IT platform that the firm was looking for.

LA Creative Technologies assisted the ELP team in purchasing and setting up new equipment, as well as migrating the office to a new file-sharing system that could better support their day-to-day needs. “Our team is incredibly diverse, and we require the ability to quickly access information, share the latest innovations and best practices with clients and communicate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders,” France says. “A multifaceted and strategic IT platform is fundamental to ensuring our work is executed properly. The support and innovative implementations we’ve received from LA Creative Technologies allow us to do just that.

The Result: Responsive, Strategic and Proactive IT Support That Optimizes Business Processes

For ELP Advisors the bottom line is simple. “The team of experts at LA Creative Technologies makes a point to understand the needs of their clients,” France says. “They especially have a unique understanding of the specific technology needs of smaller sized firms like ours.” LA Creative Technologies worked closely with ELP Advisors to develop a solid understanding of their needs and goals and worked quickly to implement the necessary strategies and solutions.

By building such a detailed knowledge, the LA Creative team has developed a robust and lasting working partnership with ELP Advisors. “I would without a doubt recommend LA Creative Technologies,” France says. “They took the time to understand us and ever since they have been incredibly responsive to our needs. They give us exactly what we need.”




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Ongoing Managed Support & Security Services including Office 365 Migration and Creative Services for groundbreaking Non-Profit Concert Promoter

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