IT Downtime, Here’s What You Are Paying For When You Have IT Downtime

Here’s What You Are Paying For When You Have IT Downtime

It’s a normal day in the office. Employees clock in and start going about their daily routine at work. However, not everyone is being productive. There’s Julie creating an Instagram story, Rob updating his Facebook profile, Sally binge-watching the latest season of “This Is Us” on Netflix, Todd running personal errands –calling his car insurance company to get a lower rate— and Eric doing picks for his fantasy league.

However, even when people are trying to be productive, your systems might make things harder.

Despite investing efforts in infrastructure efficiency, many IT organizations are still suffering from software, hardware, and database downtime. These issues usually span from just a few minutes up to several days—completely incapacitating operations completely and resulting in catastrophic losses.

Cost of IT Downtime

IT Downtime, Here’s What You Are Paying For When You Have IT DowntimeThe average IT downtime cost is $5,600 per minute, according to a Gartner report. It’s worth noting, however, that there are many differences in how businesses function. Therefore, Gartner analyst Andrew Lerner said downtime costs may vary.

At the low end, a business might waste as high as $140,000 per hour with IT downtime, $300,000 per hour on average, and up to $540,000 per hour at the higher end.

The good news is, managed IT services can help save your company from the costs of these delays.

Ways to Minimize IT Downtime

Develop and Test A Disaster Recovery Plan

Technological disasters are more serious than most business owners expect. An MSP can help organize and backup your data, as well as provide monitoring services to ensure your system is safe and secure at all times.

Preventative Maintenance – Monitor and Test Systems

IT Downtime, Here’s What You Are Paying For When You Have IT Downtime

By hiring a managed IT services company, you can stay proactive in maintaining your technology—similar to how you would when maintaining your car. Preventative maintenance protects you from unexpected, costly repairs that could lead to major delays.

Your MSP could take this a step further and perform an audit of your company’s entire IT infrastructure, systems, and software. Then, they can match the workload to the type of infrastructure that best supports it.

Redundant Network Connection

Today’s businesses rely heavily on their network connections. MSPs help by putting in a secondary method of access so that in the event your main connection goes down, you’ll still have a way to connect to your resources, keeping the business running when you need it to.

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Backup Power Connection

An on-site backup power connection ensures uninterrupted business operations. Necessary hardware will be installed to provide energy when the primary source fails.

Regardless of your type of business or location, it’s a good idea to examine your risk and come up with a disaster plan should a power failure occur. Contingency plans should address power failures that could last minutes, hours, or even weeks.

Use Hosted Services

Hosted services are functions, IT infrastructure components, or applications that businesses access from external service providers, usually via an internet connection. This kind of service covers a diverse range of offerings such as off-site backup, virtual desktops, and web hosting.

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Prevent Downtime with Managed IT Services

Experiencing downtime in business means wasted resources and time. You’re not only hurting yourself financially but you also lose credibility. Here’s the rub: compared to monetary losses, trust from customers is usually a lot harder to win back.

Given that, managed IT services are a smart investment for your business. Having a reliable MSP is essential in order for your company to avoid dealing with serious downtime or worse, going out of business completely.

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