5 Reasons You Should Hire an IT Consultant for Your Non-Profit Organization

5 Reasons You Should Hire an IT Consultant for Your Non-Profit Organization

For most non-profit organizations, one of the most annoying things is realizing that their goals are always being obstructed by their day-to-day processes. If your organization is eager to make a difference, it can be frustrating to spend so much time on shuffling data instead of working on your core priorities. 

Studies have shown that the most common non-profit security concerns include insecure payment processors, weak passwords, past employees, and outdated software. Managing the health and security of your IT network can be very time-consuming. That’s why it makes perfect sense for a non-profit leader to get an IT consultant who can ensure the security of their organization at all times.

5 Reasons You Should Hire an IT Consultant for Your Non-Profit Organization

1. Managed IT Services is not as Expensive as Most People Think

By getting a managed services plan, you can enjoy various services under a fixed monthly cost. Disastrous situations, onsite or remote support cases, and regular maintenance are already included in your monthly plan. While the price tag on an IT consultant might seem steep upfront, it’s actually lower than paying for people to fix a catastrophe that’s already happened.

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2. Hassle-Free Support and Patching

Your organization no longer has to worry about creating a patching schedule and finding solutions without professional help. With managed IT services, critical applications will always have patches as needed. You also have people to ask if you need software support for unexpected issues or new apps.

Although this may seem like a small advantage, it’s worth it to note that patches are important in preventing hacking attempts on older applications.

3. Expertise in Security and Solutions

You’ll need experts if you want strong data and IT security for your non-profit organization. You either utilize the expertise you have available or work with a vulnerable system that can be attacked anytime. The complex data systems these days don’t really allow for a middle ground. 

What’s great about managed IT service providers is they are made up of experts that not all organizations have direct access to.

4. Access to Non-Profit Discounts

5 Reasons You Should Hire an IT Consultant for Your Non-Profit Organization

Non-profits typically make money through fundraising, and most organizations put technology services at the bottom of their priority list. Here’s where an IT consultant’s resourcefulness can help you.

An IT support provider will help steer you to cost-effective tools so you can keep your money funneled toward your mission. An example would be Microsoft products that are significantly discounted for non-profit groups. Office 365, including its wide range of apps, is actually just $2 per user each month for non-profits.

5. Peace of Mind

We know that you are passionate and skilled at what you do. That’s why you shouldn’t have to be bogged down by all sorts of time-consuming IT tasks or put your operations on hold when you need help. If you run into a tech problem, there are remote support services that can help you right away.

With a reliable IT consultant who’s always ready to respond to your needs, you can take a deep breath knowing someone is watching out for you and your non-profit organization.

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