Computer Support Team, How Often Should My Computer Support Team Inspect Our Infrastructure

How Often Should My Computer Support Team Inspect Our Infrastructure

A well-maintained IT infrastructure plays an important role in the success of any business, and maintaining your IT infrastructure ensures the efficiency and continuity of your company.

In the IT industry, there are particular principles that many experts follow, with a few differences. Said experts follow the same standards that are relevant in the context of many organizations. Of course, these practices can be customized according to the unique needs and to better fit the context of certain businesses.

IT infrastructure maintenance can be broken down into four categories: security, backup, server, and desktop. The frequencies of maintenance operation by your computer support team may vary. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or real-time – that is, as needed.

Categories of IT Infrastructure Maintenance


Computer Support Team, How Often Should My Computer Support Team Inspect Our InfrastructureSecurity maintenance includes backing up any firewall configuration, auditing firewall logs regularly to determine if there’s any suspicious activity, and periodically testing the security system by simulating intrusions and noting any observation. This category also includes implementing forced password changes at regular intervals for all users within the organization.

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When it comes to backup maintenance, your computer support team should maintain backup media and escalate any issues that may arise with the data. Backup notifications should also be monitored at all times to ensure that all files are safe.


There are a lot of things to consider in terms of server maintenance. Part of this category is regularly updating the antivirus software and ensuring that the antivirus protection is working. Critical patches and updates should be applied at regular intervals and servers must be regressively tested.

Another important maintenance task is ensuring that server performance remains optimal by examining fragmentation, RAM, CPU, and I/O. Disk space and all relevant partitions must be checked. Your computer support team needs to keep track of all free disk space thresholds, as well as configure alerts for any breaches on the free disk space threshold.

Lastly, IT infrastructure maintenance involves looking through unknown and known server errors on the basis of previously-applied solutions in the past and new investigations.


Computer Support Team, How Often Should My Computer Support Team Inspect Our InfrastructureWith desktop maintenance, the team should be able to monitor the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) regularly. By doing this, they can make sure that all critical patches are applied to your most important applications and software. Failure to apply these patches can lead to an increased risk of cyber attacks for your whole network.

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Additionally, the team needs to routinely audit desktops. These desktops should be checked if they are in compliance with IT policies in place within your organization. Examples include approved disk space and websites users can visit, approved and unapproved apps and software, and internet usage.


Maintaining your network means monitoring the status and performance of your Internet connection, Network enablement, and firewall plus overall infrastructure security. Although not typically as urgent as other categories, network infrastructure maintenance is still quite crucial to the health of your IT infrastructure. In fact, related tasks should be performed every day to ensure the long-term health of your network.

Aside from the categories and points mentioned above, there may be other specific maintenance requirements for certain IT infrastructures that should be defined by the company or organization itself. It’s worth considering an escalation matrix as well. This means you can escalate issues whenever necessary.

Because this streamlines the entire process, your computer support team will find it faster and easier to accomplish maintenance tasks.

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