At LA Creative, we are well aware that as architects, your dependence on technology is daily in order to collaborate, create fantastic designs, collaborate and communicate with your clients. You need 24/7 accessibility... to your computer and its tools. When you use design software (like CAD) everything must also be optimally integrated with maximum speed and reliability. Downtime is not an option. LA Creative leverages its arsenal of robust IT tools and services to keep you right on track at all times.


From automatically keeping track of sales data to providing a real-time view into your inventory, our cloud solution has you covered.

L.A. Creative Tech's cloud solutions streamline your business operations 24/7

With LACT’s cloud-based systems integration solution, all your software -- such as seed-to-sale tracking, inventory management, and dispensary apps -- will be accessible on-demand, on every device. Migrating your files to the Cloud also ensures your data is always available and retrievable at any time. We proactively maintain and manage our Cloud servers so your customer data is always safe from malware attacks and data breaches, all while remaining compliant.

How does the


industry benefit from LACT?

Our scalable solutions ensure you can upsize or downsize your storage space immediately.

You pay only for the amount of storage you use.

Your confidential files are kept safe in geo-redundant off-site servers to ensure uncompromised accessibility.

Our proactive approach and multi-layered security solutions make sure you always stay compliant.

Our cloud-based solutions minimize labor-intensive tasks through process automation, which streamlines your entire operations


“LACT's been very good at helping us problem-solve where the bottlenecks are, or where they could arise, and addressing them effectively.’'

Allan Spulecki

A Principal at Relm


Scott Baker

President of RELM

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can grow exponentially with the Cloud.

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