it consulting firms, How Do IT Consulting Firms Help The Real Estate Industry?

How Do IT Consulting Firms Help The Real Estate Industry?

Real estate is a thriving industry. The United States alone has over 2 million real estate licensees. How do IT consulting firms intersect with the real estate industry? Recent analysis shows that information technology has a positive significant impact on estate agency firm earnings. With sustained investment in IT, real estate firms can achieve a competitive advantage in their markets. Here are a few reasons why you should start investing now.

Booms and Busts

it consulting firms, How Do IT Consulting Firms Help The Real Estate Industry?The real estate industry goes through periodic ups and downs. These are known as booms and busts. During a boom, the industry experiences an influx of buyers. Sellers are incentivized to sell and buyers are plentiful. A boom is usually concurrent with a growing economy. During a bust, the industry experiences a decline in buyers. Busts usually follow a stagnating economy. Because the industry is cyclical, certain times call for certain technological requirements. IT consulting firms can service the real estate industry during both booms and busts.

The Internet

One way that IT consulting firms help operators in the real estate industry is to optimize their web presence. The internet is a tool for both sellers and buyers of real estate. In fact, a recent study found that a third of Californians who bought houses used the Internet. Of those who sold homes in California, one fourth used the Internet to do so.

Real estate agents who work with IT consulting firms to strengthen their online listings and websites will reap the benefits. They will be able to access this sector of the market. Conversely, real estate firms and agents who are not optimized for the Internet may miss out on buying and selling opportunities.

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it consulting firms, How Do IT Consulting Firms Help The Real Estate Industry?In many ways, real estate is a service-based industry. Real estate agencies that provide optimal service thrive and rise to the top. IT consulting firms can help those in the real estate sector to improve their quality of service. Service excellence translates into expansion for individual real estate agents and firms.

One way that IT consulting firms can help expand service is through improved communication with clients. Managed emails are one example of IT innovations that can improve service. Another example may be through improving website interfaces to make them more intuitive for users.


In real estate, there is often a high volume of documentation and information for each transaction. Buying or selling a home requires many individual steps, each with its own paperwork attached. Even the final step of closing on a home requires hundreds of pages of documentation and financial information. Thankfully, IT consulting firms excel at helping businesses to organize large volumes of information. A document management solution, for instance, offered by an IT consulting firm would likely be a useful innovation. Generally, automated systems can streamline processes within the real estate industry and enhance the future retrieval of information.

For these reasons and more, IT consulting firms are a vital part of the real estate industry. To find out how we can help your real estate business, contact us at LACT today.

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