How to Look Good on Camera for Zoom

With the “new normal” and all the changes that it entails, our lives have been turned upside down, and face-to-face meetings are no longer doable. Thankfully, we can simply schedule virtual meetings and turn on our webcams for school, work, and even big family gatherings. This technology solution is helping us cope with the era of COVID-19.

Though, one common concern has to do with our looks. How do our cameras portray us? How can we keep ourselves presentable in a casual setting? Here are a few ways to look appealing and professional in Zoom meetings.


technology solution, How to Look Good on Camera for ZoomSure, it’s good that your laptop has a built-in camera, but know that it’s not the best option for video conferences. Imagine spending time to make yourself look presentable, only to appear washed-out and blurry once the meeting starts.

Instead, opt for a camera that can record you in high-definition. It’s a business investment, after all, so it’s worth the expense. Aside from Zooming, advanced webcams also have high frame rates, low-light performance, and more.


It’s not all about looks, though. Sound is also crucial for successful Zoom meetings. You can start by putting the mic inches below your mouth, so people can hear you clearly. Get rid of distractions in the background before the meeting starts, like dogs and kids.

Also, consider investing in a high-quality mic or set of headphones that can amp up your voice with crystal clear performance; one with an active noise cancellation feature makes a huge difference.

Just don’t forget that once your new mic arrives you’ll need to go to Zoom’s general settings. Tweak the audio and select your USB mic, instead of the default mic from the webcam.


A high-quality camera goes hand in hand with good lighting. Some people tend to sit behind a window, but this can create a shadow that covers your face. Do the opposite, and you’re making a dark silhouette due to underexposure.

A good place to begin is to buy a table lamp and place it at a distance, just enough to lighten up your face. Avoid sidelights or lighting in the background.

Green Screen/Background

technology solution, How to Look Good on Camera for ZoomAside from good lighting, you should be concerned with your background too. People don’t look at your face all the time. Some are also taking a peek at your space.

So, if you think that maintaining a stylish and appealing background is too much work, Zoom can help you out. Just go to settings, click Virtual Background, and choose your favorite option. It’s a bonus if you have a green screen at home.

Creating Your Zoom Meeting Setup

Now that you know what hardware to upgrade, putting everything together in one solid setup is the next step.

And for this, a lot of people are turning to the Soapbox Station. This technology solution is a plug-and-play webcam studio that gives you the optimal setup during your Zoom meetings.

The Soapbox Station has two versions: Lite and Pro. They differ based on the devices used, so feel free to check out the components for each model on Amazon. Assembling everything is made quick and easy—you even have the chance to customize it. And don’t forget to adjust the settings by installing the free Chrome extension. Once everything is set, you’ll always look nice and professional on the screen!

Key Takeaway

Everyone is on virtual platforms now, so it’s important to focus on the right technology solution and invest in upgrades to stay current, especially when it has to do with important matters. Make sure everything’s all set before the meeting starts, be comfortable, and most importantly, be professional—even if you’re still in your PJs.

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