Zev Yaroslavsky Transition

This allowed Mr Yaroslavsky to direct his full focus on readying himself to return to UCLA and effectively settle into his new role. Since the transition, LACT and Mr Yaroslavsky have developed both a professional and trusting relationship. This is why Mr Yaroslavsky is thrilled to continue his business relationship with LACT.

Zev Yaroslavsky

Zev Yaroslavsky served as a Los Angeles politician for over 40 years!


LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky was transitioning into his new role-founder of anon-profit institute and returning to UCLA as Director of the LA Initiative at Luskin School of Public Affairs and Department of History.  With the demands of all his roles and functions, he needed a simple yet effective means to gain a secure yet flexible access to archive county files and assets.


LA Creative Technologies, collaborating with the LA County IT Staff during the transition, set-up the essential technology solutions to provide Zev Yaroslavsky with technology needed for him to thrive in his endeavors.  The solutions are:

·      Hosted Microsoft Exchange

·      Hosted File Sync Service

·      Secure and Flexible Access to County File and Assets


Zev Yaroslavsky has smoothly transitioned between his multiple roles of politician, non-profit founder and UCLA Director with the technology solutions provided to him by LA Creative Technologies. Further, he has the flexibility of accessing County files without risking security. The reliable technology solutions has allowed him to focus on the demands of his new roles.

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