Virtual Event, Quick Tip to Boost Attendance at Your Virtual Event

Quick Tip to Boost Attendance at Your Virtual Event

A lot of people in the event planning industry are adapting to the current situation. Whether it may be rescheduling or canceling an event, or trying to go virtual—everyone is making adjustments right now. You’ve probably planned a virtual event before, or you’ve participated in one, but now that we’re facing this “new normal,” it’s no longer a mere alternative or convenience to host events online. But you might be concerned your event attendance won’t be the same in an online platform. So, if you’re looking for some quick tips to ensure your online event is still a success, let’s dive right in.

Getting Started with Your Virtual Event

Virtual Event, Quick Tip to Boost Attendance at Your Virtual EventMaking a point to invite a lot of people is only the beginning. You still need to create a buzz. Just as with a traditional event, people need to know what to expect and work out their busy schedules in order to attend. This means giving people enough notice. Of course, promotion is a huge part of running a successful virtual event. People need time to hear about your event and get excited. Remember, social media platforms are excellent promotional tools because they have an easy share feature.

Here are quick tips to boost attendance at your upcoming virtual event.

  1. Schedule the virtual event on a user-friendly platform. This is especially important if your event has multiple speakers. These days, people are even hosting virtual music festivals. It’s an easy, cost-efficient, and convenient solution.
  2. Make an RSVP page where participants can register by entering their own information, including their name, email, and phone number. Be sure to add this link to your event details too!
  3. All participants should also receive a notification before the event starts, whether through phone or email, so they’re reminded of the virtual event and know where to tune in!
  4. And finally, plan exciting content and expect that virtual attendees will likely face distractions and have a shorter attention span.

Planning Your Own Virtual Event

With a little forethought, you can ensure that your virtual event is a hit. One of the benefits of planning an online gathering is that your budget isn’t stretched. For more tips on virtual engagement and attendance, contact us at LA Creative Technologies. And when it’s all said and done, don’t forget to promote engagement after the event too!

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