managed it solutions, Return to Office: What Others Say

Return to Office: What Others Say

Are you thinking it’s about time for your employees to return to the office? If so, you probably already understand that there are cyber security risks to consider. Once employees return to the office, data will be much more vulnerable to many kinds of cyber attacks. There are several reasons for this. One is that data is less secure on personal devices. Because many professionals have been using their personal devices while working from home, an overlap has likely occurred. It’s possible that office data is on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Since these devices are more vulnerable to cyber attacks, your company’s data may well be vulnerable too.

As soon as professionals return to the office and personal devices are reconnected to the corporate network, there’s a risk. Malware and shadow software on personal devices could leak into the network, compromising it. The period of time following the return to the workplace is the most crucial. This is when you should be considering managed IT solutions in order to safeguard your business.

Remote Protection

managed it solutions, Return to Office: What Others SayManaged IT solutions offer remote protection for your corporate network. From afar, your managed IT solutions partner can eradicate malware and keep your network secure, and also oversee internal network activity. This level of constant monitoring will help to keep your clients and employees safe and your data secure. Leave it to your managed IT solutions partner to watch for unauthorized activity. This gives you peace of mind knowing any unlawful activity will be nipped in the bud.

Secure Devices

Many experts agree on one of the most important things you can do once your employees return to the office. This is to secure personal devices. Personal devices used to work from home may be loaded with unauthorized apps. Any unauthorized apps, especially social media apps, could be used to inject malware. It could also increase the risk of phishing. To remedy this, your company should secure devices used by employees while working remotely. Your managed IT solutions partner can help with this.

managed it solutions, Return to Office: What Others SayInventory should be updated, and misconfigurations identified and fixed. Additionally, assets should be removed that are not meant to be online, and devices need to be scanned for and cleaned of any malware. Devices can also be restored from a known and trusted backup. All of these precautions should be done before any personal devices are reconnected to an internal company network.


Once employees return to the office, systems that have been left offline or unattended will need to be reintroduced. This is an important step. It is also a risky one. Anything being reintroduced may be especially vulnerable to cyber attacks. Systems that have not been monitored while offline are at increased risk. Upon being reintroduced, all systems should be scanned with an antivirus tool. They should also be double-checked and reconfigured if necessary.

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To better prepare your employees for a return to the workplace, contact a managed IT solutions professional. LA Creative Technologies can help you return to the office safely and successfully.

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