Once we’ve built a stable, reliable technical infrastructure and established a multilayered security perimeter to keep the Viking raiders out, we turn our attention to streamlining your applications to fit your creative business’ unique workflow. If any of us understood sailing metaphors, this is when we’d talk about trimming the sails and scraping the barnacles from the bottom of the hull.

The point of streamlining is to:
• Squeeze every drop of additional performance from your hardware to complete tasks more quickly and to extend the functional life of your equipment.
• Configure applications to work together seamlessly to increase productivity and collaboration.
• Adapt your technology solutions to your unique business and creative processes.

Streamline, Streamline

Tech Gets Personal

If the Stabilize phase felt clinical and the Secure phase felt serious, then the Streamline phase is when we get personal. Our experience working with you and our journey getting to know your business, your management and your creatives now enable us to adapt your network, operating system and line-of-business applications to the way you work and how you collaborate.

Streamline, Streamline

Rewarding for Us; Results for You

For us, streamlining is the most rewarding part because this is when the lightbulbs go off and the wide smiles appear. This is also when our clients really begin to see the results of working with LA Creative Technologies as compared with other MSPs that don’t specialize in working with creative industries clients. Put simply, this is when we frequently hear things like:

I never knew you could do it that way!
Oh my god, that’s so much easier!
My laptop and I are on much better terms lately!

Without getting into the weeds, our process of streamlining involves mapping your workflow to understand the chronology of your tasks, the flow of information among team members and how you most effectively communicate with customers and vendors. There’s even a positive security component here because the mapping additionally helps us identify vulnerabilities and tighten access controls without inhibiting productivity.

Streamline, Streamline

The Most Current Version of You

Workflow evolves over time as you develop as a creator and expand your offerings, and trailblazing technologies enable new ways to innovate and create. Therefore, we perform an annual productivity audit to identify additional opportunities to streamline and adapt your technology to the most current version of your business.

Streamline, Streamline