cyber security, Surprising Cyber Security Risks You Could Be Exposing Your Network To

Surprising Cyber Security Risks You Could Be Exposing Your Network To

Margaret Atwood’s famous quote, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” sounds sensible, except that it would be a major blunder to apply it to cyber security. In protecting your networks, the less you know, the more likely you are to suffer from disabling attacks.

That’s why it’s essential to be thoroughly familiar with the cyber threat landscape. As organizations add more devices, people, software, and online services to their IT infrastructure, complications arise and pave the way for vulnerabilities to emerge. The following are some of the most important risks IT managers should watch out for.

Cyber Security Risk in Working with Unprotected Companies

cyber security, Surprising Cyber Security Risks You Could Be Exposing Your Network ToCompanies that have solid IT security systems in place can be caught off guard as they work with partners, subsidiaries, or third-party organizations that are not as secure as others. This is what happened with several Hollywood studios back in 2017.

CBS, NBC, ABC, and Netflix suffered embarrassing hacks even with their topnotch firewalls and other defense systems. A hacker managed to steal data from these organizations by exploiting a vulnerability in the post-production service provider the stations were working with. The attacker threatened that he would release stolen episodes of the networks’ shows if he doesn’t get the ransom demanded.

The same happened to David Beckham. He faced an extortion attempt with his hacked emails used as the main threat. The famous English footballer refused to pay, so the illegally obtained digital correspondence was revealed. Fortunately, there wasn’t anything seriously damaging divulged. Bekham’s emails were stolen by the hackers targeting his publicist.

Before working with anyone, businesses are advised to make sure that the entities they are working with implement adequate security measures. They may need to consult a cyber security services provider if they are skeptical of their IT defenses.

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The Human Cyber Security Risk

cyber security, Surprising Cyber Security Risks You Could Be Exposing Your Network ToAnother significant cyber risk often overlooked in many companies is the tendency of employees to create opportunities for hackers to attack. Until now, most people still haven’t developed the instinct of securing their computer networks.

For one, many employees use simple or predictable passwords to avoid the inconvenience of getting locked out for forgetting a complex password combination. Sometimes, they even use the same passwords for multiple accounts on different platforms. That’s why it becomes less challenging for hackers to penetrate systems.

On the other hand, many easily fall prey to phishing and other social engineering schemes. Most employees don’t have second thoughts clicking on links or downloading attachments after getting enticed by some call to action they’ve just read. They end up allowing malware into their computers that subsequently infect other computers or enable backend openings to let hackers in.

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The Takeaway

Some of the most apparent cyber security risks are hidden in plain sight. Most organizations ignore them because of the false assurance of having an adequately secure internal IT system. They let their guards down when working with perceivably “safe” partners. Protect your business’s identity by adapting more robust cyber security practices while working with the best IT experts in the field.

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